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Taverna Andreas - Kamari  Beach 84 700 Santorini -

Every week they host a traditional Greek Music Party in the taverne. The oawners try to captures a feel that will make a holiday to a complition. The tradional Greek food, the life dancing, life music goes on untill late a night. It brings you in the Greek atmosphere ! Al this hold you into a never ending night of joy.  If you have a event or a wedding or family gadering you can rent the restaurant for these occasions. Enjoy the lovely food and the friendly staff...

Hotel Matina - Vasiliki Family -Kamari 84 700 - Santorini - - e-mail :

In the beautiful beach of Kamari you can find Hotel Matina. The hotels interieur combines the Greek traditional and modern style in al it's elegance. The hotel is located in a quiet garden with swimming pool en pool bar. In only 2 minutes walk you are at the beach en beach promenade. All rooms are very spacious and full of comfort.  The erea is very tranquile and away from all disco's. The hotelowners are friendly and very devoded to give you a wonderfull time in Santorini. The hotel has a 24 hours reception, travelagency, buffet-breakfast, high speed wireless internet and a airportservice. What more do you need. How did I tell you that every room has it's own terras?


Genesis pro / Web and Technology - Bazias Dimitris -Kamari 847 00 - Santorini  e-mail :

The shop has young owners whom are devoted in their jobs. This shop provides you all computer technology, accesoires, programs, problemsolving and can provide you a realy lovely webside. These professional people are warm hearted and will help you with any problem you would have with you computer.






Shops and services
Taxi Papathakis - Piosion 246-256 - Agores (piosion prakt.peoforieon)- tel or tel or tel 6932.642.391

Al cars of taxiservices are yellow. These are the official taxi company. The yellow taxis will give you correct services.
Taxi Papathakis is a very honest company who will bring you to your destination safly professional and full of service. You can order your cab in advance on the phonenumbers mentioned above.

Nine West - The Mall Athens An.Papandreou 35 - pl. Filikis Eterias sqr. & Tsakalof1 - Evaggelistrias 8 - Aggelou Mataksa 18 - Athens Greece -

This shop has the most wonderfull collection of handbags and shoes. It is shoe heaven for us girls ! When you are lucky you can get good deals. Every handbag has 2 small gifts inside. A keychain the matches your handbag and a little coinpurse. I love this shop.
So what ! 10, Kapnikareasstreet Athene
A wonderfull store full of shoes, footgear, sandals, bags, belts, wallets, travelware and briefcases. Woman will shop here untill they drop.